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Our Services


We provide transportation to and from our Center within a 30-mile radius of our facility. All locations are equipped with medical transport lift busses. All transports have two trained staff members present  for each transport.


Educational services are provided by the school at our facility for each child.


Skilled nursing services are provided for a variety of needs. Our nursing staff provide daily head to toe assessments. An individual plan of care is created, and goals set forth accordingly.


We offer Physical therapy, occupational therapy, respiratory therapy, and speech therapy.

Personalized Care Plans

Lauve’s staff collaborate with the child practitioners to create an individualized plan of care to meet a child’s specific needs.

Social Interaction

Children in our care have the opportunity to play and socialize with other children.

Family Support

Social services provided to assist families with their needs.

Caregiver Education

Education provided by trained medical staff to help families and caregivers provide the care needed for their children. 

Other Services

Social services, adaptive equipment, wheelchair services, dietician services, Hard of hearing services, Vision services, and any other services needed based off the needs of the child.

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