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At Lauves Pediatric, we realize that newborns up to 20 y/o's living with disabilities or special needs have unique care requirements. That's why we have trained special needs child care professionals who range from aids to therapists that all specialize in pediatric care. Common Conditions: Some common conditions that would qualify for our services are ventilator/oxygen dependent, tracheostomy, feeding tube, seizure disorder, neurological disorder, cardiac disease, kidney disease, IV Therapy, complex medication regimen, endocrine disorder, Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, Cystic Fibrosis, Etc.  If you want to know if your child qualifies, call or email us! Services are covered by Medicaid.

"Providing occupational therapy services at Lauve’s has been one of the most rewarding parts of my career. I love working with all the children and the entire staff. It’s such a happy, positive place. I believe so much in this program: to provide children with skilled nursing care and all of their therapies in a fun family like environment. We have so much fun every day!"

- Emily E. Dennis

"Since we have started attending Lauve’s he has truly progressed . At 6-7 months old he wasn’t able to roll over and was very content with laying down in the middle of the floor . Now my little man is walking , clapping his hands ,& soo much more . This place is absolutely amazing & I’m soo thankful for his therapist & Mrs. Cindy she keeps me updated all day !"

- Crystal Waller

"This place is awesome. My son is very happy here. Thank you Cindy and staff for working with our children and providing the best care for them."

- Elisa Romero

"I just want y'all to know that I am SO glad that you guys came around when you did and I heard about you guys. Every time I thought about having to send my little man to a public school when he turned 4, it scared me to death! I LOVE that we have a place that Tucker can go and we are both comfortable with him being there! You guys are amazing!! We love y'all!! 🙂"

- Sarah Yatcko

"This home away from home is an awesome place and they have awesome staff. I trust each and every one of them with my precious angel. She has exceeded what the doctors ever said she could do and I credit the staff at Lauve's for playing a large part in Harlie's progression. A mother could not find a better place to leave their special needs child for here all are loved and considered special including the wonderful and awesome staff."

- Carolyn Green

"I love the day care they are really sweet people and very friendly also understanding my son go there and if anybody asked me I would recommend they send they child here"

- Vagetta Sanitra Mayes

"They are the best daycare I ever trusted n they take real good care of the children."

- Jay Angel Meiah Lefear

"My daughter has been going there almost 2 years .. 1.2 lbs baby went in to the center barely eating talking laughing or anything every since i put my baby in this health care she has been nothing but a out growing child the staff are life family she love them we love them I appreciate everything they do to help my Babygirl"

- Shanese Lashay